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Track 6

Reggae For Love

Izanah's Song

How many seasons will it take
How many years must I wait
To see you, once again
To touch you, once again

I could wait a lifetime here
Waiting for your sweet, sweet vibration
Strictly irie iration

You are east, I am west
Still I know we've tried our best
Jah know, we've really tried
Our love, it will survive

So many years have passed
Since I wrote this song
And still my love for you holds strong

Jah know, I'm still searching for a love like ours
Jah know, I'm searching in vain all those years

So many places, so many faces
And I just can't find another love like ours
Don't know why we live separate lives
When I need your smile to stay alive

Something real, something I can feel
Straight to the heart, that's our love
Real from the start, our love

No matter where you are,
No matter what they say
No one can take away
Our love, holding strong
Our love, all my life long
Our love

Izanah's Song
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