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  • World Reggae Producer, Recording Artist and Musician IZANAH JONES® inspires others through her music, books and health education. She has recently released her debut album “Reggae for Love.” Her book, “God and Healing” will also be released this year.,

    Izanah Jones is a World Reggae Recording Artist. She produces Roots, Caribbean music in Jamaica. Her debut album is available now in hard copy or digital download: “Reggae for Love”.

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    IZANAH JONES is a World Reggae Artist. LOVING REGGAE,

    a new and updated version of her debut album REGGAE FOR LOVE,

    was mixed by Karl Van Pitterson (Bob Marley’s beloved engineer).

    In LOVING REGGAE, Izanah integrates vocals, lyrics and music

    with a unique blend of true expression, creativity and a classic

    roots reggae sound. This sparkling mix enlivens the Reggae Spirit.

  • One


    by Izanah Jones

    Let me take you where the cool breeze blow So high, so far from shore Let me take you where the cool breeze blow So high, so high, so high

    High on a hill far from the seashore I sit and watch the full moon glow The fog a come, it a look like snow Up a bamboo where the cool breeze blow

    And in the morning the sunshine flow The farmers wake and go to bush and grow Yam, cabbage, potato, chocho, coco and okra

    Me love to go where the cool breeze blow Up a bamboo where the sunshine flow Me love fer go where the cool breeze blows Up a bamboo where the sunshine flow

    Police and guard dem a drive around Sight my brother, attack him like a blood hound Beat him, kick him, throw him on the ground Take him money, all that could be found Grab him gold chain, shot him on the ground

    Dem stand for justice with dem dirty tricks Dem say they tried to do righteousness All I know, my brother is dead The Babylon boy gone shot him in de head

    Babylon, where you get your gun from? Put me brother under brutalization When him weak, you say that him strong When him right, you say that him wrong Babylon, where you get your gun from?

    We must stand firm against brutality Not be deceived by hypocrisy Dem may pluck a branch from our tree Yet we still stand rooted in reality

    Truth and culture belong to we Dem can't take dat out of me Reds always in our memory Nuff love for him by everybody

    Almighty father bless this land Guide and protect with Almighty hand Keep us far from evil power And be our guide through countless hour


    Track Two. RAINDANCERS

    by Izanah Jones

    Let's go back to where we come from We are dancers in the rain Let's go back to where we come from We are dancers in the rain

    Can we turn back the hands of time? And take a walk, a walk behind the stars Under the moonlight you and me Dancing by the sea

    We are spirits, spirits of light Let's come together and unite Under the moonlight by the sea Dancing you and me

    I hold a very special place for you I know that you will always guide me through Under the moonlight by the sea Dancing through eternity

    Let's go back to where we come from We are dancers in the rain Let's go back to where we come from We are dancers in the rain

    Let the cool breeze take us there When the orange moon rises high More than fragrant memories We live a feeling that's alive

    Let's go back to where we come from We are dancers in the rain Let's go back to where we come from We are dancers in the rain

    We will dance over the sea We will dance into the moonlight We will dance with the starlight Through the galaxy you and me

    Let's go back to where we come from We are dancers in the rain

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  • Why Raw Beat? Because it is the real thing. We try to keep the real feel of the music without over-production. Too much cleaning of the audio tracks actually takes us away from the street sound. That authentic sound that makes you want to get up and wind your waist (dance).

    The types of artists that we look for are genuine and authentic. They sing from the heart and have a positive message. Raw Beat music is in the groove and has that thump (drum and bass).

    We promote artists who are strictly original and who are dedicated to the upliftment of mankind through personal expression.

  • Izanah Jones is a roots reggae recording artist who produces this Caribbean music in Jamaica.  She is considered a World Reggae artist.

    Roots Reggae

    Having a background in video, film and audio production, Izanah’s early job experience introduced her to significant producers, artists and musicians such as Coxsone Dodd, Jackie Mittoo, Willie Lindo, Noel Brownie, members of Bob Marley’s band such as Glen Adams,  Aston Family Man Barret, Tyrone Downie, Karl Van Pitterson (one of  Bob Marley’s engineers),  Pablo Faukourie and other greats.

    These people were integral to the roots reggae movement, and this influenced Izanah’s approach to music.  Coxsone Dodd used to tell her, “those who feel it know it”, and Jackie Mittoo would reiterate to her, “Reggae is a feeling like you’ve never felt before and some people never feel at all”, as he laughed out loud.  Fortunately, Izanah Jones is one who has always been feeling it, and this is reflected in her music.

    Caribbean Music

    Caribbean Music is a synthesis of African, European, Indian, native and other diverse musical influences.  It has gained a wide popularity worldwide.  Specifically, Reggae, has become so well received that a sub genre of Caribbean Music called World Reggae has developed. This includes artists whose home is not in Jamaica where reggae was born. Reggae, with its roots in Jamaica, is where Izanah does most of her recording.


    In the bitter cold of the winter while  living in Denver, Colorado, Izanah heard Bob Marley’s song Natural Mystic on the radio and liked it so much that she decided that if there was indeed a Natural Mystic, she was going to find it;  so she took the next flight to Jamaica and the rest is history.

    Izanah feels at home in Jamaica with the cool Caribbean breeze, the coconut trees, the music vibes, the fresh natural raw food and most of all, the people.

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